Night Time Skincare Routine

My night-time routine is the best part of my day! It means fresh clean face, comfy clothes, Netflix, and bed.

This has been my process for years. Although, I tend to switch the products from time to time. To start, I would like to make clear that I have combination skin. I first get dry then oily throughout the day.

To start my night-time routine, I use make-up remover wipes. I use the Costco Kirkland brand — these are a staple for me — nothing fancy but it gets the job done. Then I finish off cleansing with my First Aid Beauty Face Cleanser. This cleanser is so good for you skin! It works with dry, oily, and combination skin. I love that it makes my face feel completely clean and soft at the same time. This fragrance–free product is a must try and does not leave unwanted oil or residue.


Next, depending on how bad my skin is that day, I will use a toner and/or facial pads. I use the Origins Zero Oil Pore Purify toner with Saw Palmetto & Mint. I have large pores around my t-zone area and that’s where I get the oiliest. If any of you have large pores and get oily you should try this out. You can also get 5 fl. Oz. for $22 and always has free shipping deals!


Facial Pads are one of my favorite steps in my skincare routine. The First Aid Beauty Skin Rescue Blemish Patrol Pads got me hooked and you can use them daily which is amazing. It helps in three ways: it tightens the appearance of the pores, it helps with complexion and it does not leave skin feeling dry. I typically switch between two facial complexion pads. They are Peter Thomas Roth Max Complexion Correction Pads and Neogen Demalogy Bio-Peel Gauze in Lemon. The PTR Pads are a lot stronger on the skin than I am use to but I feel it working on my skin and see better results the following morning. I like it because it helps with any acne that I may have and helps with my reducing the size of my pores. On the other hand, the Neogen Demalogy pads are different from both the First Aid Beauty pads and the PTR pads. The Neogen Demalogy pads helps more with dullness and uneven texture. The Lemon Fruit Extract helps a lot with brightening my complexion and it provides a noticeable refreshing feeling.


Every other day — or once a week depending on my schedule —  I like to do a face mask. There are countless masks out there. If only I could try them all!! Masks can feel like such a dream, especially when its been a long and difficult week. My favorite mask has been the Glam Glow Supermud. I have tried a few different masks by them but the Supermud is a stand out. When you use it you can literally see the oil and bacteria pulling out. It’s CRAZY! However, it could be a little strong for those who have sensitive skin. It is designed for those with normal, oily, or combination skin. Another favorite of mine is the Boscia Luminizing Black Mask. It’s a peel off mask :D!!! I don’t know about you, but I love me some peel off mask. I love it because you can see the unwanted gunk pulling off from your skin haha. My boyfriend didn’t like it to much but I promise it’s a refreshing feeling. It’s great for all types of skin and it helps with uneven texture and dullness.

IMG_4932E53F585A-98F5-4835-8BDB-369C016992C2Moisturize, moisturize, and moisturize!!! I cannot emphasize enough how IMPORTANT moisturizing is! I can NOT start or end my day without moisturizing. If you want to keep your skin young, you need to do yourself a favor and buy a moisturizer. P.S. you can never buy too much moisturizer! Ponds and First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream are the two best moisturizers that I have used. You can find Ponds at your local drugstore and it is almost 3x less than most of the recognized brands. If I am ever in a pinch, I always go for the Ponds. It is long-lasting and combines well with my makeup. My second recommendation is the Ultra Repair Cream —it says it all —and it does more than, I feel it repairing my complexion. It is also great for sensitive skin and does not leave that greasy after-feel.  You can get great deals for this product if you look hard enough. I usually find the 12 fl. Oz. size under $30.


For most of the items in my Night Time skincare routine, you can get cash back online through EBATES when ordering online! I know Origins always has up to 4% cash back. Sephora and Ulta also have cash back deals when you purchase. If you decided to join EBATES and you like what you read today, please use this link .

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