Hair Products I Can’t Live Without

Over the years of dying my hair and waking up late for class or work, I have tested a number of products. Some have failed me, but some are now products I can’t live without. Thanks to my experiences and some of my best girlfriends, below are products that I have now used for years!!

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The Caviar CC Cream was shown to me by my sister-in-law and I am so happy she did!! Ever since, I have seen a difference with split ends and silkiness of my hair. I use it right out of the shower and before I brush so that it spreads evenly through. I highly recommend it to everyone no matter what your hair type is!

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If you are using any kind of heat styling tool, it is so so important to use some sort of heat protectant. I never understood the purpose of a heat protectant until the ends of my hair started thinning. I’ve used this TRESemmé Heat Tamer Spray from the start and has never let me down. It is only $6 and gets the job done! what more could you ask for? I definitely recommend this to anyone who is looking for a quality product within budget.

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A hair oil should be a necessity for everyone! Biosilk has been one of my favorite hair oils lately because It adds the perfect shine while repairing and maintaining any frizz that I might have throughout the day. I typically buy it at TjMaxx for more than half the price and one bottle lasts me for a couple years!

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My life will never be same without dry shampoo! I wish I had this in high school to save me the 20 extra mins. The last 7 years, I have tried several different dry shampoos: Not Your Mother’s, Dove, Living Proof, Herbal Essence, and Hask. They might be great for others but I kept finding myself going for the Batiste. I have tried many of their scents (Original, Floral, Blush, Tropical, Refresh) but nothing compared to their Bare scent. I’ve learned that it is not good to wash your hair every day as it washes out your natural oils and causes your hair scalp to produce more oils. So I use this the second day after washing my hair. I am so thankful one of my Best Friends introduced me to this scent!

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This brush has been a complete lifesaver to my scalp and mane! Another one of my old roomie/best friends showed me this amazing product, the Wet brush. This does an amazing job of brushing out knots and frizz without the pain and losing handfuls of hair. The one I have is a dupe from TjMaxx, it works just as great as the original at an affordable price. Now my mom and sister-in-law use this and I recommend you to use it too. You will not regret it!

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Since my freshman year, I have boxed dyed my hair using the lightest blond hair dye available because my hair is hard to color. My hair has been through years of damage as a result. The 5 products I recommended to you have noticeably helped my hair stay as healthy and long despite the prior damage. About 4 months ago I dyed my hair professionally and went for a balayage. With the hopes to preserve both the health and look of my hair after the appointment I relied on these products. So I have question, why learn from your own mistakes when you can learn from mine ;). Cheers to healthier, silkier, and fuller hair.

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