NYC in 48 Hours

During Nick’s fall break from his M.Div program, my family and I decided to take him to New York City for the first time! We were only in NYC for less than 48 hours because I did not have much vacation days from work, and we had other plans back in Washington, D.C. We left Saturday morning around 7 am so that we could get to the hotel around 11:30-12 am to drop off our stuff. We stayed at a Marriot that was just a block from the World Trade Center, which is a perfect place for a night in NYC.

Our first stop was lunch! We decided on this (new place to us) dim sum restaurant called Nom Wah Tea Parlor. Nick has never had or seen what dim sum is, so I thought it would perfect for him to try it straight out of China Town! Let’s just say Nick probably won’t have dim sum or even go to this place again hahaha. Don’t get me wrong it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t great either… I picked this place because of the great reviews I read online but the food was average and there are better options in China Town. Plus it didn’t have the traditional feel of dim sum with the carts that go around with the food.


After that, we definitely needed to make up the meal with dessert. We chose to get My Egglo! This place is one of my new favs!! It is a specialty dessert place that offers a creamy ice cream of your choice on a Chinese waffle called “Gai Dan Jai” that comes in other flavors with unique and classic toppings. I got the “Jessica” which I thought was very fitting ;). The “Jessica” had a traditional waffle, vanilla ice cream, condensed milk, fruity pebbles, mochi, and strawberry pocky sticks. Ohh I forgot to mention that they also have ice cream sandwiches! (which I’ll have to try next time!!)

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Next stop, was Macys on 34th street. To me it is a landmark. Unfortunately there is only so many hours in a day, we had to cut our time short in Macy’s and continue our visit up to Time Square.

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After we got enough pictures at Time Square with other tourist photobombing, we decided to continue — to walk off the dim sum — up 5th Avenue to Central Park.

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Nick at the Plaza Hotel 🙂

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DAD & MOM!! ❤

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We finished the day with dinner at Katz Deli and a Lyft back to the hotel!

Sunday was a half day since we didn’t want to get back late. We began the day as soon as we could and just around the block at the World Trade Center Memorial. This was all of our first times visiting the memorial. It was a beautiful memorial that definitely made us feel grateful for people in our lives and those who fight for our freedom every day!

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After the memorial, we walked to grab brunch real quick at a random diner that is not even worth it to mention haha. Our next and last stop of the day was SOHO!

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Nothing beats shopping at SOHO! Two of the prettiest stores that we stepped into was the Sezane store and the M. Gemi fitting store. The Sezane store literally made me feel like I was shopping in Paris. The M. Gemi store had such a relaxed feel, especially with their drink bar! SOHO was the perfect way to end the trip!

This NYC trip was short but sweet! I hope you enjoy this blog post about this short trip and that you get inspired to take advantage of the little time you might get in a city like NYC. I would love to hear about your favorite spots in NYC 🙂 I need some new suggestions for my next trip!

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