Fair Fashion: Red Wing

I am beyond excited to announce a new series I will be broadcasting on my blog called “Fair Fashion.” It is a series devoted to brands that ethically source their recourses and who provide fair and safe working environments for their workers. I am typically the girl who finds great deals. I mean, everyone likes great sales and who wouldn’t? But, I want to become more aware of the brands I buy from. I believe that with being an adult comes responsibility, especially financial responsibility. I am starting to realize that where you spend and invest your money says a lot about you as a person. Typically, when you buy from ethical brands, they are far more expensive. You almost have you ask yourself, am I being a good steward by saving a buck or investing in an organization that is not fueled by oppression. I do not support sweatshops and I want my closet to represent that. So, every month I want to devote a post to Fair Fashion.

I am very excited that my first edition of this series is all about the Red Wing company. I first heard about this brand through my Dad. My Dad is someone who inspires me every day to live with fewer, better things. I always go to him if I want to know more about quality companies and companies that are made in America. Living in a consumeristic world makes it is so easy to fall for the latest trend especially when it is so cheap. This causes us to forget about the quality of goods we are buying and the responsibility of money.

Red Wing Company was founded in 1905 in Minnesota. Each pair is crafted by people who care about quality. Their shoes are so unique that in the making of each pair, no two sides are the same. They still use that same Puritan sewing machines they did when the Red Wing was founded, and all shoes are shined and inspected twice before packaging. Red Wing has 4 different kinds of oils by S.B. Foot Tanning Co.: Oil Tanned Leather (which is the one I am wearing), Roughout Leather, Nubuck Leather, and Smooth-Finished Leather. On the Red Wing site, the “leather is water, stain and perspiration resistant, and has a more natural look and feel because less finishing materials have been applied, allowing its natural beauty to shine through. Oil-tanned leather is exceptionally durable and has been used to build countless work boots throughout Red Wing’s 110+ year history.” Red Wing “is committed to producing only the highest grade footwear but is also comfortable enough for the hardworking people who wear them”.

The boots I am wearing are the Clara Style NO. 3404 and comes in 4 other beautiful colors and styles of leather. Stated on their site, “The Clara is a throwback to our early women’s boots, with a moc toe and lace-up style, but just not quite as tall, and updated with a more tapered silhouette and grippy Vibram® outsole for 21st-century adventures.” These boots have looked amazing with any outfit I have paired it with. You do have to break them in but the more you wear them, the more it shows character. Compared to cheap “leather” boots from typical chain shoe company that will look scuffed, torn, or look like you paid $10. These boots will age well and have trusted quality. If you’re looking for a pair that will last you a lifetime or quality boots, in general, these are for you!! These are your lifetime boots! Red Wing also has warranty, so if the soles of the shoes ever get ruined they can always re-stitch it.

Red Wing also has an amazing selection of boots for Men. I got Nick a pair for Christmas and I trust that these boots will last him forever plus they look so amazing on him! 🙂

Titus 2:7 “Show yourself in all respects to be a model of good works, and in your teaching show integrity, dignity,”

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Outfits: Jacket HERE, Jeans HERE, Shoes HERE, Hat Here

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One thought on “Fair Fashion: Red Wing

  1. WOW kudos seriously! I’ve been thinking about this topic a lot more lately, but it takes a lot of time and commitment! Love what you’re doing girl 🙂


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