Fair Fashion: Anderson Lilley

It’s time to change those Winter scents into Spring and I have just found the perfect one!! The Manhattan Beach line by Anderson Lilley is the perfect scent to transform your home from winter wonderland to fresh warm relaxing feels. This scent is inspired by “stunning ocean skyline with a blend of a hip downtown scene“. Specifically, it smells like bergamot, citrus, white jasmine, Brazilian softwood, and heliotrope and musk.

When it comes to lotions I want to know that what I am putting on is all natural and free of parabens, mineral oil, artificial colors, and other unhealthy things because this is something I put all over my body. That is not the only reason why I love this lotion though, it has been so great with moisturizing through the cold and warm changing temperatures!

I love a good candle to burn when relaxing at home. The Manhattan Beach candle makes the environment feel like an evening on the beach feeling cozy and relaxed. Their candles are made with 3 important categories in mind:

  1. Fragrances which are of the highest quality of aromatics and essences.
  2. Wax, from high-quality coconut wax blend to give a clean even burn and fragrance distribution.
  3. Wicks, these are a lead-free cotton wick. Each one is hand measured and trimmed for a perfect fit.

What I also love about their candles is that you can reuse the vessels for a drinking glass, a container to organize your toiletries (which is my favorite way to re-use!), as a planter and so many more things! The candles also come with a metal lid that are meant to be reused as a coaster!

A little about the brand… Anderson Lilley was started by two entrepreneurs, Susan Anderson and Scott Lilley, who both shared the desire to give back by creating a visionary organization. They share a portion of their profits with a choice not-for-profit organization in several categories like illness, children needs, and animals (you can read more here). Anderson Lilley’s vision “We believe in good, we believe in light” has them going for years and their hope is that this carries through their product and into their home! Anderson Lilley’s charity choice for 2018 is Joyful Heart Foundation. The Joyful Heart Foundation mission is to transform the way society responds to sexual assault, domestic violence, and child abuse. Please read more HERE to find out how you can help!! 🙂

Anderson Lilley has many other beautiful scents! They don’t just carry lotion or candles but also jewelry, bath and body sets, dry body oil, diffusers, gift sets and many more! Their products make the perfect gift for birthdays, anniversaries, or just a simple gift out of kindness. 🙂 You can shop more here!

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